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Engagement shoot – Bath Botanical gardens

Engagement Photoshoot at the Bath Botanical Gardens

Hello!  Nick here, thought I would share with you my first photoshoot of 2021!

Right well where do I begin, first of all I haven’t done many “people” photoshoots for a while – Thanks Covid, so it was amazing to get out and take some photos in a lovely environment, get some fresh air and well and truly freezing cold! but hay it was worth it. 

The Venue - Bath Botanical Garden

Before I talk about the photographs, lets talk about the venue, Arrianne & Stephen (the couple) are due to get married in the Minierva Temple which is set in the corner of the Botanical garden in Bath, The garden itself is surrounded by acres of greenery being in the Royal Victorial Park, it makes for some truly impressive scenery with of course the Royal Crescent  just round the corner.

The Temple Minerva itself is a small intermate venue where you can share your day with your closest friends and family with a small marquee next to the building to enjoy a well deserved afternoon tea.

Anyway onto the photos!


The Photographs! (at last)

The shoot was booked for 1pm to meet outside the Temple. I arrived and parked up at about 12, thought I would scout the area out before we started, got out the car and it was bloody freezing, so thought the best thing to do was to quickly get back in the car again, turn the engine on and back the heating up high, checking out the area could wait for another 15 mins! 

12.20PM I finally emerge from the car and take a walk up to the garden, I was parked close so only took 2 minutes to get up there, it seemed that every man and his dog, plus extended family were taking a walk through, it was heaving. 

Having to stop every 30 seconds to allow people to walk past you was pretty bad when walking let alone taking photos but as 1pm arrived luckily it started to quieten down (except for the lady who had setup her own table and chairs in the middle of the green) the weather was overcast to start with which soon turned into light rain, but we were all happy and took plenty of photos as we walked around the gardens finally finishing outside their venue which was lovely. I think a pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot is really important, first of all it gives the photographer and the couple an hour together to get to know one another, two, it gets them used to being infant of the camera and having there photo taken and three because they are now used to the camera when there day finally comes around they are used to it so feel more confident and natural infant it producing much nicer photographs. 


Cold – Wet – Enjoyable – Nuff said!


Thanks – Nick