Moon and Back

What we do and where we come from.

My name is Nick, I am the Photographer here at Moon and Back, I first started taking photos at college, I learnt my craft on a film camera when I was 16, the charm of loading the film onto the spool in the dark room, sticking it in the back of a SLR camera and having the freedom to take 30 photos!
Only to get back to the darkroom and develop the photos only to find they were blurry or wrongly exposed, but this gave me more enthusiasm to get back out and and take more! 
After converting to digital things were much easier, built in light meters, the ability to be able to view the photo I had just taken and delete it! And to be able to take 100’s of photos without wasting film. 

I started taking mainly landscape photos, but soon found a love for taking portraits and capturing emotions and love. 

 So this is where I am today, breaking away from the 9 – 5, doing something I love full time.
landscape in the mist